Turn Your Bedtime Story into A Bestseller!

You want to know a secret? Without even trying, I became the "expert" of helping first time author's hit the Amazon Bestseller list. Now that I understand the strategy behind it, it's an easy feat, but at one point I would be sweating bullets praying someone would purchase a single copy! You see back than when I first started writing, I was not popular and nor was I known as a writer to my online community. Instead, they knew me as a mom, wife and educator - that's it! So, my initial reaction to pre-launching my book was crickets. I would get pity likes from my one aunty and my one cousin. But the why behind my book was bigger than my ... wait for it - ego, embarrassment, and even bigger than my FEAR!

Is any of this sounding familiar? Sis, I promise you I have been there, but I made an intentional choice to not stay there. My game changing moment did not happen overnight in fact, it took about 4 months before I was able to gain a following who accepted me as not only a writer, but an author. And the key (well it's nothing new) was consistency. I showed up, again, and again and again until all the naysayers started asking me where they could find my book! This will be you too if you follow the tips below - I promise it's really that simple, so do not overthink it and enjoy your journey to bestseller!

Check out my 7 tips plus my bonus tip that will separate you from other authors:

1. Taking your audience on the book journey with you from the very beginning (content is currency:)

2. Collaborating with like-minded influencers for a virtual book launch (in person can come after) so they can edify your book for you as an expert on the subject matter. Ask them 4-6 weeks in advance, provide them an eBook or physical book and send reminders as the date approaches.

3. Building a supportive book launch team and giving each a very specific role on your book launch day

4. Ensuring your keywords are set up properly in KDP and Ingram Spark

5. Ensuring you are in the correct categories with KDP and Ingram Spark, so your book is easily found by your audience

6. For sale sustainability get reviews and KEEP talking about your book and its impact.

7. After your official book launch, post photos of your readers (with permission from parents), give live shoutouts (thank you messages) on IG and FB to individuals who purchased, offer virtual or in person school or social media tours, connect with organizations, and the list goes on and on.

Bonus Tip: Set a date and time for your virtual book launch, promote it online and off like crazy, and ask everyone to make their purchase during that time for your BEST chances of going Amazon Bestseller. If they have already purchased, that's fine too now they can kindly get copies for loved ones, a daycare or their favorite teacher or homeschool parent.

Now, everyone knows I am nosy, so when you hit the Amazon Bestseller list let your girl know! Better yet tell me when you are launching, so I can show up to support you! I cannot wait to cheer you on. You've got this and I am so proud of you.

Written by:

Audrey O. Hinds