There Is Hope From the moment, my daughter Samantha saw her baby brother,DJ; I could clearly see the look of pure disbelief on her sweet little year old face. I can only imagine back then she was thinking,“who is this tiny person taking up all my mommy’s time and why does he smell or put my toys in his mouth? Doesn’t he know all the things here belong to me including my mommy and daddy?” Within six months, my little sassy pants daughter was ready to upgrade her brother for another version,preferably a sister. Meanwhile, DJ was completely in love with all things Samantha ,even now seven years later, he still gets her attention by calling her “sista”.

Now that my children are seven and nine, the sibling competition is in full force with everything from running, biking, gaming, tattling and even grades. Some days, I find myself in the middle of what feels a WWE match when all I’m trying to accomplish is a meal and a shower. Meanwhile, they are at war over the t.v. remote until finally one hides it from everyone or I intervene and shut down the whole operation. According to The Atlantic, 82% of children live with a sibling. It’s a staggering number and personally as a mom of multiples,I find myself curious about how having a sibling impacts the lives of each child. It turns out many factors affect how sibling interact with one another including age (usually children less than two years apart tend to have more conflict), family size, gender (same sex tends to compete more),personality, and even birthing order, says Healthy Children.Org.

Not surprising, children are also affected by which child receives the most attention from their parents or their parent of choice. It can be a lot to think about for parents trying to manage their household, but there is a silver lining. In 2017, The Huffington Post published an article listing ten benefits of having a sibling that ranged from being happier, fitter, more optimistic, more responsible (usually the older child), better negotiating and compromising skills (usually the middle child) and those with siblings could even be more adventurous and funnier than those without.With all that being said, it seems in some cases that the earlier years of WWE could be worth it in the long run, so give yourself a pat on the back because that second child justofficially became more than just a playmate for the first.

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