Bye, Bye 9-5

It's no secret that prior to being an author and publisher, I had tried just about every career choice possible. No, really I did. Straight out of high school, I found myself selling cars, I quickly realized it was not my calling and six months later decided to wait tables instead. My charismatic energy served me well in this industry and frankly I met many great connections and began to learn the importance of great customer service. You see even back then I understood that I was in the business of serving others literally and figurately. With this new skillset it did not take long before I found myself interviewing at a call center. I have to share the back story that my mom was the one who encouraged me to apply. I still remember her sending me out the door with kind words to "give it a try" because she knew I wasn't interested in the position, but it was time for me to find a "grown up" job. Out of love and respect for her, I mustered up the energy to interview and ultimately accept the job offer.

During training, I can recall thinking there's no way I can do this long term. It felt like if I found myself retiring from there than it would surely suck the life out of me. I did manage to last 3 years with several promotions that landed me in the position of a senior analyst. It paid well and I had a fancy title, but when I had my second child that was my queue to leave. Fast forwa