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Our CEO, Audrey O. Hinds is a bestselling, award winning author and a publisher determined to change the world with her creative genius. At the young age of 12, Mrs. Hinds knew that she was destined to become a writer.  Effective storytelling and providing practical strategies for children of all ages to develop a true love for reading are a few of her strong suits.

Within her community, Audrey Hinds is known as an impactful educator on a mission and a writer’s secret weapon. Her creative works are filled with purpose and precision.  After an encounter with Mrs. Hinds, one is left with the motivation and a greater drive to accomplish any feat. Her transparency provides the tools needed for busy mothers who are determined to see their children succeed. She is a safe space for individuals who are ready to share their story and leave a creative legacy. Through her publishing company, Parker & Co., LLC and her self-publishing course Bedtime Story to Bestseller, Mrs. Hinds provides research-based strategies and guidance to birth new children’s book authors. 

Audrey O. Hinds loves connecting with organizations, teachers, parents and business owners! 

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