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I help mompreneurs and teachers publish their best-selling book even if they're afraid, overwhelmed and skeptical, so they can increase their impact and income.


About Us

In the first year of business, Parker & Co. showed up to create disruption in the children's book industry especially for diverse books and disability inclusion books. As an educator, parent and business owner our CEO quickly recognized there was a gap in the market for those types of books and she vowed to fill it. With a dedicated team and outstanding authors, she did this by publishing 28 books with more than half going Amazon bestseller or #1 New Release in less than 24 months.

We're on a mission to...

  • Provide resources for mompreneurs to have a safe space to educate our youth with storytelling

  • Offer more inclusive and diverse books that resonate with a wider variety of families, homeschoolers and classrooms

  • Improve reading confidence, decrease the literary gap, and encourage self-love

​Our CEO, Audrey O. Hinds is a bestselling, award winning author and a book consultant determined to change the world one book at a time. 

Our books have been featured with newspapers, magazines, television, podcasts, radio, YouTube influencers, Books A Million, Wal-Mart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Macys and even a City Bus. We figured out the secret sauce and decided to run with it. 

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